The Cattery

At Waterside Mill, we offer spacious, comfortable accommodation and cater to cats of all ages and needs.

With an idyllic location, heated chalets, and plenty of exercise space, we’re sure your cat will feel right at home. What’s more, you are welcome to bring your cat’s beds/blankets, scratching post, and toys to give them the comfort of home.

Get in touch to find out more.

Pond With A Duck House On It

Stunning Location

Our cattery is found just off the A38 between Taunton and Wellington in a stunning, waterside location. It is tucked away between a tranquil woodland and a two-acre lake.

It’s surrounded by wildlife, offering plenty of natural entertainment for your cat. Our site is safe and secluded, providing peace and quiet for your cat as well as peace of mind for you!

Ginger Cat Sleeping Stretched Out

Cosy Chalets

We offer spacious and well-insulated chalets and runs for our feline guests, fitted with full-height sneeze barriers to maintain good hygiene. What’s more, our chalets are fitted with heating to keep your cat cosy all year round.

We recommend bringing both toys and beds where possible to help your cat feel at home. However, we are happy to provide comfy bedding where required.

Grey Cat Eating Out Of A Metal Bowl

Food & Feeding

Food is included in the price, and we stock most of the popular brands, including a grain-free option. If your cat does have specific dietary requirements, please bring their food with you.

Contact Us

For more information about our accommodation, or to book a stay for your cat, contact us today.

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